Why did Evinrude shut down?

The prospects for reopening would require substantial changes to production to allow for social separation and other health-related accommodations. Altogether, it made the most sense to shut down Evinrude and repurpose the plant for new products and consolidation.

Can you still buy Evinrude?

You can obtain Evinrude parts and accessories from your authorized dealer, or using our online store. You can access the online store here.

Who makes Evinrude motors now?

Bombardier Recreational Products

Is Evinrude a good engine?

The latest models include some of the lowest emission and highest power-to-weight ratios on the market today. In a comparison test between the top 115hp outboard motors, Popular Mechanics found Evinrude to be the most economical 2-stroke engine fuel-wise.

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Is Evinrude better than Yamaha?

Both of these popular outboard brands are tough to beat. On one hand, the Evinrude has lower maintenance and will exude lower environmentally hazardous emissions. Yamahas, in comparison, are known as the most reliable motors that have been around for 30+ years.

What’s the most reliable boat engine?

Best Outboard Motors in 2023
  1. Mercury Racing 450R. Mercury Racing. After Mercury launched its new V8 4.6-liter Verado, it was only a matter of time before they stepped up the horsepower by a few notches.
  2. G2 Evinrude 150 E-TEC. Evinrude.
  3. Torqueedo Travel 1103 CS. Torqeedo.
  4. Yamaha Offshore XTO. Yamaha.
  5. Suzuki DF350A. Suzuki.

How long do Evinrude engines last?

Evinrude Outboard Motors:

Evinrude Motors pride themselves on being fuel-efficient and reducing noise, oil usage, emissions, and maintenance needs. Two-stroke outboard motors can reasonably live between 1,500 to 2,000 hours before needing major maintenance, and 4 stroke engines can last longer.

Are Johnson and Evinrude the same?

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) has been the parent company for Evinrude and Johnson outboard motors for many years, and so the system and process for identifying those engines is the same.

How long does an Evinrude ETEC last?

If using Evinrude/Johnson XD100™ oil, you have approximately ten hours of normal operation remaining.

How fast does a 50 hp Evinrude go?

We reached a top speed at 5600 rpm of 29.6 mph.

Did Evinrude ever make a 4-stroke?


The new Evinrude portable 4 strokes have a lot to offer anyone looking for the best small engines available.

Will 50 hp pull skier?

Will a 50 HP motor pull a skier? A 50HP motor attached to a small fiberglass or aluminum Jon boat would be able to tow a skier under 130lbs. You will struggle pulling a slalom skier out of deep water with a 50HP engine. Pulling a heavy adult or inexperienced skier will be very hard.

Are Evinrude motors 4-stroke?

The technology is considered 2-Stroke, Direct Injection. Evinrude E-TEC in fact, has cleaner exhaust emissions than a 4-stroke, it produces 5 to 10 times less Carbon Monoxide (CO) while idling or trolling.

Are Suzuki and Evinrude the same?

The Evinrude is lighter than the Suzuki typically in a comparison of similar outboards. Suzuki Outboards do great work too, but weight more so the edge goes to Evinrude.

Who owns Evinrude?

Bombardier Recreational Products
Evinrude Outboard Motors / Parent organization

BRP Inc. is the holding company for Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., operating as BRP, a Canadian manufacturer of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, side by sides, motorcycles, and personal watercraft.


Does Evinrude still make 2 strokes?

Production of Evinrude engines stopped

” Our outboard motor business was severely impacted by Covid-19, forcing us to cease outboard motor production immediately.

Are old 2-stroke outboard motors banned?

Two-stroke engines are not “banned” for use on all waterways in California, nor is there any plan to do so. Carbureted and electronic-injection two-stroke engines are considered high-emission engines. Generally, these engines were manufactured prior to 1999.

Did Harley Davidson ever make a 2-stroke?

The Hummer was a motorcycle model manufactured by Harley-Davidson from 1955 to 1959. However, the name “Hummer” is now incorrectly used generically to refer to all American-made single-cylinder two-stroke Harley-Davidson motorcycles manufactured from 1948 to 1966.

Did Honda ever make a 2-stroke outboard?

Indeed until then, only two-stroke outboard engines had been sold. The GB30, as it was called, wasn’t designed for use at sea, and didn’t look very much like other outboards. Instead of the traditional bar there was a kind of steel ring that went right around the radiator grille and then a lever for the accelerator.

Who made the best 2-stroke outboard?

Yamaha’s 2-strokes received high marks for reliability from new boat/motor owners. Yamaha Marine builds the best 2- and 4-stroke motors, according to a new “engine performance index” compiled by J.D. Power and Associates. Last year was the first year J.D. Power rated boat-owner customer satisfaction.


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