Which marine VHF radio is best?

The Top 5 VHF Marine Radios in 2023
  • Best Budget: Uniden Atlantis 155.
  • Sleek & Complete: ICOM 94D with AIS.
  • Great UX plus GPS: Standard Horizon HX890.
  • Top Fixed Unit: ICOM M330G 31.
  • Good Instrument Integration: ICOM IC-M506 21.

Do I need a separate antenna for AIS?

To transmit AIS you will need a dedicated AIS antenna. If not possible to have a dedicated AIS antenna, and you only have one antenna on the boat, make sure it’s a VHF antenna because that’s the primary form of communication.

Does Simrad have AIS?

Stay connected and navigate safely with the Simrad RS100-B VHF marine radio – integrated with a Class-B AIS transceiver and GPS, for complete visibility of and by other AIS-equipped vessels.

What is AIS on a VHF radio?

The Automatic Identification System is a digital VHF radio-based transponder system that can prevent collisions, and can protect your boat from being run down by a huge, fast moving ship. It’s like digital radar with precise position information.

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How far can an AIS signal reach?

The AIS signals have a horizontal range of about 40 nautical miles (74 km), meaning that AIS traffic information is only available around coastal zones or in a ship-to-ship zone.

Can I use a VHF antenna for AIS?

VHF antennas can work on AIS, yet the frequency of 162 MHz they will be operating at, is at the high end of the operable bandwidth of the antenna, where performance is not ideal. Many of the AIS transmit/receive units are also coming with splitters now, to utilize the same antenna as your VHF radio.

What are the AIS frequencies for VHF channels?

The frequencies 161.975 MHz (VHF-CH AIS 1) and 162.025 MHz (VHF-CH AIS 2) are used for AIS search and rescue transmitters (AIS-SART) in search and rescue operations.

How can I tell if my AIS is transmitting?

Each Vesper Marine transponder has an indicator that it is transmitting. On a WatchMate 850 and WatchMate Vision, look for the warning symbol (triangle with an exclamation point). If this symbol is not present, the transponder is transmitting.

What is the purpose of AIS?

Automatic identification systems (AIS) transponders are designed to be capable of providing position, identification and other information about the ship to other ships and to coastal authorities automatically.

What happens when an AIS sensor fails?

If the external position sensor fails the AIS unit cannot use the internal GPS receiver and no position will be transmitted. The difficulty we are now led to understand is this failure cannot normally be detected by the onboard user, and therefore how would the user know the vessel has a faulty AIS.

Why do some ships turn off their AIS units?

Should continual operation of AIS compromise the safety or security of the vessel or where a security incident is imminent, the AIS may be switched off. This action and the reason for taking it must be reported to the nearest U.S. Captain of the Port or Vessel Traffic Center and recorded in the ship’s logbook.

Can ships turn off AIS?

A ship’s crew may turn off its AIS broadcast for a variety of legitimate reasons, but this behavior may indicate that a vessel is hiding its location and identity to conceal illegal activities like fishing in no-take protected areas or entering another country’s waters without authorization.

Is AIS better than radar?

AIS is more accurate than radar since it is continuously fed with data from reliable sensors. Radar can have very poor accuracy when tracking a target. AIS maintains its accuracy and gives a prompt indication of changes in heading, and will give the rate of turn if it is available from the target.

Can AIS be hacked?

AIs Could Be Hacked with Undetectable Backdoors to Make Bad Decisions. Renegade staff could theoretically insert undetectable backdoors in third-party artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, enabling hackers to commandeer the AIs to make bad decisions.

Can AIS SART be detected on radar?

A SART will only respond to a 9 GHz X-band (3 cm wavelength) radar. It will not be seen on S-band (10 cm) or other radar.

Does marine traffic use AIS?

The system is based on the collection and processing of data transmitted via the AIS (Automatic Identification System).

Do whale watching boats have AIS?

The methodology based on AIS messages has also proved to be successful in providing detailed spatial information about the whale watching effort. This characteristic is very promising to manage spatial whale watching regulations, especially to verify the enforcement of exclusion zones and areas with limited activity.


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