What length is a Merry Fisher 695?

6.71 m

How long is a Jeanneau 695?

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 695 S2 is a 6.71 meters Hardtop cabin boat with enclosed cabin with accommodation for 8 people and the draft of 0.50 meters.

Is the Jeanneau 795 Trailerable?

If a stylish, easy to handle and trailerable cruiser is on your radar and you don’t want to spend a fortune, the new Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 is definitely worth a look.

How long is a Merry Fisher 795?

7.19 m

What length is a Merry Fisher 695? – Related Questions

How much does a Merry Fisher 895 weigh?

2023 delivery available – Finance Available
Length overall8.9 m / 29’2″
Hull length7.98 m / 26’2″
Weight3060 kg / 6746 Lbs
Fuel capacity2 x 200 l / 2 x 53 US gal
Water capacity100 l / 26 US gal

How long is a Shetland boat?

The boats were of many types and shapes, but most of those later used as the “Shetland Bus”, were from 50 to 70 feet (21 m), with two masts and equipped with a 30 to 70 hp (52 kW) single-cylinder semi-diesel engine, which made the characteristic ‘tonk-tonk’ sound.

Are Shetland boats seaworthy?

It explores the central role these four- and six-oared boats played in everyday Shetland life, meeting the boatbuilders and the people whose way of life was centred on, and dependent upon, these seaworthy craft.

Can you swim in the sea in Shetland?

With gorgeous beaches and dramatic coastlines, Shetland has always been a great place for open-water swimming.

What is the Driftwood rule in Shetland?

If you plan to go beachcombing, a word about a local custom. It’s not a law, as such, but you’ll cause offence if you break the rule that says you can only pick up driftwood and other flotsam if it’s lying below the highest tide mark.

How long is Shetland in miles?

Shetland measures about 70 miles from Sumburgh Head in the south to Muckle Flugga off the coast of Unst in the north. With a land area of 567 square miles enclosed by a coastline of 900 miles, nowhere is more than three miles from the sea, and very few places are out of sight of it.

What size is a standard Shetland?

With the exception of certain dwarf ponies resulting from genetic mutation, the Shetland is the smallest breed of horse. The average height is about 102 cm (40 inches; unlike other horses, Shetlands are not measured in hands). Maximum height is 117 cm.

How long is a Shetland 570 boat?

19 ft 8 in

How many miles long is mainland Shetland?

The principal and largest island of the Shetland Islands group, and the third-largest island in Scotland, Mainland is narrow and long, extending for 50 miles (90 km) from north to south.

Is it cheap to live in Shetland?

The cost of living in Shetland is around 20-65 per cent higher than the UK average, according to Shetland Islands Council. Higher fuel costs, a colder climate and the lack of consumer choice is said to be exacerbating the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.

Is the much crime on Shetland?

Argyll & Bute is the area with the ninth-lowest crime rate. Between 2020 and 2021, 309.2 crimes were reported per 10,000 people.

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The Top 10 Safest areas of Scotland
Local AuthorityTotal Reported Crimes per 10,000 people
Orkney Islands143.8
Shetland Islands195.1

Does Shetland get a lot of snow?

Home to the famous knitwear and with good reason, the tiny island of Fair Isle (part of the Shetland Islands) sees snow falling on 63 days each year.

Do you get midges on Shetland?

Midges are most prevalent in heathery hills and beside lochs or burns. They are a serious annoyance and, in June, you can be assured that they are less likely to bite!


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