What is the range of the MG ZS EV?

Powered by a 72.6kWh, water-cooled lithium-ion battery, MG ZS EV Long Range delivers a driving range of up to 273 miles from a single charge on the WLTP combined cycle.

Where is the QR code for MG Car?

This QR-code is directly linked to the product page on the MG Download Center. As a result you can access all relevant information regarding your MG product on the MG download center, just by scanning the QR-code.

How do I recharge my MG?

You can charge your MG ZS with a Type 2 connector at home, work or at a public charging point. There is also a CCS connector for rapid charging.

What is the meaning of MG Car?

MG stands for Morris Garages, the name chosen by MG’s founder Cecil Kimber as a show of respect for his then boss William Morris. Cecil’s vision to produce world-class sports cars quickly became a reality, and by the 1930s MG cars were winning races across Britain and Europe.

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Are MG cars luxury?

Brand ‘MG’ has quickly caught the fancy of customers, including those who have owned a luxury brand car. Why is Gloster among prefered luxury SUVs? Gloster brings to India, the country’s first Autonomous (Level 1) Premium SUV.

Is MG a cheap car brand?

Considering their great value proposition and coupled with a rich British heritage, MGs can definitely be considered among some of the best bang-for-buck cars in the country. So if you’re on a hunt for a reasonably-priced car with deep European roots, make sure to put MG on your list.

Why are MG cars called MG?

MG cars had their roots in a 1920s sales promotion sideline of Morris Garages, a retail sales and service centre in Oxford belonging to William Morris. The business’s manager, Cecil Kimber, modified standard production Morris Oxfords and added MG Super Sports to the plate at the nose of the car.

Is MG car British or Chinese?

MG Motor UK Limited (MG Motor) is an automotive company owned by SAIC Motor UK, headquartered in London, owned by the Shanghai-based Chinese state-owned automaker SAIC Motor.

Is MG is a Chinese company?

MG Motor, a British car brand owned by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), entered India in 2019.

Why MG is called Chinese?

MG Motor is a subsidiary of SAIC Motor UK, actually owned by the Chinese state-owned SAIC Motor.

Are Chinese MG cars any good?

It’s not perfect but is good value for money and so far has performed fairly well. Spacious interior, good front and side visibility, willing engine and precise steering. Internal finishes are satisfactory given the price, switchgear and controls are reasonably intuitive to use.

Is it good to buy MG car?

Good Performance And Ultra Stylish Car

It is a good performance and ultra-stylish look. The driving comfort is good as well the interiors provided are also good.

Are new MG cars reliable?

MG HS reliability

MG owners rated the brand’s overall reliability particularly poorly, with 35% of MG owners reporting a fault in the first year of ownership in the 2022 Driver Power survey, but the mood improved when it came to value for money.

What problems do MG cars have?

MG ZS Common Problems and Solutions
  • Whining At High Speed. Problem:
  • Uneven Idling. Problem:
  • Misfiring Engine. Problem:
  • Jerky Driving. Problem:
  • Clicking Sound on Ignition. Problem:
  • Car Won’t Start. Problem:
  • Boot Not Staying Open. Problem:
  • Scraping Noise From Front. Problem:

Is MG maintenance high?

The estimated maintenance cost of MG Hector for 5 years is Rs 30,098. The first service after 15000 km, second service after 30000 km and third service after 45000 km is free of cost.

Who makes the engines for MG?

The 1.5-litre petrol engine in the MG is a joint development with General Motors and SAIC, as are all current MG engines.

Does MG use Fiat engine?

The Fiat-sourced 1.4-litre, four-cylinder motor in the Compass produces 163hp and 250Nm, making it more than a match for the MG Hector’s turbo-petrol engine. The MG Hector’s petrol engine will come mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Why did MG stop making cars?

MG, short for Morris Garages, is a British automaker that once built an amazing and enjoyable range of sports cars. Once an icon, MG failed to adapt to changes in the market and as demand dwindled, MG failed to maintain relevancy in a lot of places, including the United States.

Is the MG ZS underpowered?

Performance & drive

That makes it easier to drive when you need a burst of extra power. By contrast, despite officially sprinting from 0-60mph faster (10.4sec against 12.4sec), the 1.5 VTi-Tech feels frustratingly underpowered, even with your foot flat to the floor.

Is the MG ZS good on fuel?


Although its small size implies thriftiness, the ZS’ 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine isn’t quite as economical as you’d hope. With a manual gearbox it can return up to 42.7mpg and emits 149g/km of CO2 – figures some way off the 47mpg and 131g/km of the Renault Captur.


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