What is the National Maritime Center?

(NMC) is the Merchant Mariner Credentialing Authority for the United States Coast Guard under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security.

How do you get into the Merchant Marines?

To join the USMM, civilians and military members must first receive accurate merchant mariner credentials from the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Maritime Center (NMC). Aspiring mariners earn these credentials by completing training, courses and examinations.

How do I find my Merchant Mariner credential?

Additional information regarding U.S. Merchant Mariner Credentials can be found at http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/.

Do I need a merchant mariner credential?

What is a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)? All mariners employed aboard United States (U.S.) merchant vessels greater than 100 Gross Register Tons (Domestic Tonnage), except operators of uninspected passenger vessels, are required to have a valid U.S. MMC.

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What is a Merchant Marine salary?

How Much Do Merchant Marines Get Paid? The salary of a merchant marine varies by the training received. The median salary of a merchant marine is around $55,000, but the range of salaries can vary from $27,000 up to $120,000.

How much does it cost to become a merchant mariner?

Just the fees from the USCG cost anywhere from $95 to $280 depending on what USCG license you are working on. MM-SEAS takes care of your USCG fees and helps your create a perfect USCG license application for $299.

What is the purpose of a merchant mariner credential?

The Merchant Mariner Credential or MMC is a credential issued by the United States Coast Guard in accordance with the STCW guidelines to the United States Seafarers to show evidence of a mariner’s qualifications.

Do you need STCW for MMC?

When you apply for your MMC or renew it, you must request the STCW endorsement and provide evidence of successful course completion. And just like your license, the STCW Basic Training certification must be renewed every five years.

How long does it take to get a merchant mariner credential 2022?

The NMC has set a net processing goal of 30 days. Mariner Credential Throughput is a ratio of the total number of applications finished divided by the total number of applications received.

Do I need merchant mariner credential for TWIC?

If you are applying for a merchant mariner credential you must have at least applied for your TWIC before the Coast Guard will accept your application. Your credential will not be issued until your TWIC is approved.

Can non US citizens get a TWIC?

Any citizen of the United States may apply for a TWIC. If you are a non-US citizen, you are required to submit additional documentation of proof of permission to enter the U.S, for example, F-1 Visa, Permanent Resident (“Green”) card, etc.

Can a non citizen get a TWIC card?

Eligibility. You may apply if you are a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, naturalized citizen or a nonimmigrant alien, asylee, or refugee who is in lawful status.

What does TWIC stand for?

A TWIC is a Transportation Worker Identity Card. This card is issued by the United States Transportation Security Administration and the United States Coast Guard.

Can you board a plane with a TWIC?

Yes. The new card meets TSA security standards for valid identification, and a valid unexpired TWIC® can be used to board planes. TSA officers are trained to recognize the TWIC® as an acceptable form of identification.

How hard is it to get TWIC?

Most maritime workers, including longshoremen, truck drivers, and merchant mariners, must obtain a TWIC. In order to obtain a TWIC, workers must have a valid, government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, and must pass a background check.

How does TWIC work?

A TWIC card is a federal identification card for Transportation Workers that gets administered to those who need unrestricted access to areas included in the maritime transportation security act, including ports, port facilities, boats, and continental shelf facilities.

What are TWIC benefits?

Benefits of Having A TWIC Card

The certification allows truckers to haul loads into ports, boats, and associated areas. Truckers without a TWIC card need to be escorted by authorized workers. It can save a trucking company owner time and costs by allowing the trucker unblocked access.

How do I get a TWIC card?

How to get a TWIC card:
  1. Complete the application online or in person at an application center.
  2. Schedule an appointment online or call (855) 347-8371 weekdays, 8am to 10pm ET.
  3. Visit a TWIC application center to: Provide required documentation.
  4. Receive your TWIC card in the mail or pick it up at the application center.

Can a TWIC card be used for international travel?

Yes. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential, or TWIC card, is an acceptable form of identification, according to the Transportation Security Administration.


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