What is the fastest ferry to Norway?

HSC Fjord FSTR sails between Hirtshals and Kristiansand from the beginning of March to the start of November. It’s the quickest sea route to all your summer Norwegian adventures.

What is the quickest ferry from Denmark to Norway?

Ferry Hirtshals – Larvik

Travel from Denmark to Norway in only 3 hours and 45 minutes.

How long is ferry from Hirtshals to Norway?

Between Hirtshals and Kristiansand, Fjord Line has undoubtedly the fastest sea route between Denmark and Norway. The crossing only takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Is there a ferry from Norway to Netherlands?

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Norway and Holland operated by 1 ferry company – Holland Norway Lines. The Kristiansand to Eemshaven ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 18 hours.

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Can I get to Norway by boat from UK?

If you’re travelling from the UK, our Copenhagen to Oslo ferry is the perfect route into Norway. Arriving in Copenhagen, you’ll sail overnight and next morning the breathtaking fjords will welcome you to Oslo.

Is there a direct ferry from UK to Norway?

There is no direct ferry from the UK to Norway. You can choose to travel to Holland (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) or France and drive to the north of The Netherlands (Groningen). From here you can take a ferry to Kristiansand. Other options are to travel to Germany (Kiel) or Denmark (Hirtshals, Copenhagen).

Can you get a ferry from UK to Netherlands?

Ferry from England to Holland

There are 3 ferry routes operating between England and Holland offering you combined total of 28 sailings per week. P&O Ferries operates 1 routes, Hull to Rotterdam which runs 7 times daily. Stena Line operates 1 routes, Harwich to Hook of Holland which runs 14 times daily.

How do I get from Norway to Amsterdam?

The best way to get from Norway to Amsterdam is to fly which takes 4h 19m and costs kr 1100 – kr 3600. Alternatively, you can train, which costs kr 1600 – kr 3800 and takes 21h 2m, you could also bus, which costs kr 700 – kr 900 and takes 22h 5m.

Does the Eurotunnel go to the Netherlands?

Driving and using the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to get to the Netherlands is not only convenient, but it also allows you to make the most of the country whilst you’re there. The benefit of using our service is especially clear when compared to the direct ferries to Holland and the rest of the country.

How many hours is it from Norway to Netherlands?

↔️ Kilometers: 947.47 km. / Miles: 588.73 miles. / Nautical Miles: 511.25 NM. ✈️ Estimated flight time: 1.04 hours. (With average airplane speed of 567mph).

How far is Norway from UK by train?

London to Bergen (Oberbay) by train
Journey timeFrom 10h 37m
Distance620 miles (998 km)
Frequency10 trains per day
First train07:01
Last train20:01

Can you see the northern lights in Norway?

Where can you see the northern lights? Between late September and late March, Northern Norway is dark from early afternoon until late morning, and the northern lights frequently soar across the sky.

How long is the ferry from Netherlands to UK?

By boat to England from the Netherlands can be done in 6.5 hours. This is how long the shortest crossing takes between Hoek van Holland and Harwich (day trip). The longest crossing, on the other hand, takes more than 16 hours (night sailing). This one goes between IJmuiden / Amsterdam and Newcastle.

What is the quickest ferry to Holland from UK?

Harwich to Hook of Holland is the quickest ferry crossing to Holland from England. This route takes approximately 6 hours 45 minutes. Stena Line operates this route with 14 weekly sailings. The next quickest route is Hull to Rotterdam, which takes approximately 11 hours, with 7 weekly sailings.

How much is ferry from UK to Amsterdam?

Ferries between Amsterdam and the United Kingdom
TransportEstimated Travel TimeOne-way €
Train3-h 55-minLow €40,- avg €68,- high €132,-
Flight1h 15minLow €90,- avg €120,- high €140,-
Bus11h – 16hLow €36,- avg €52,- high €74,-
Ferry7h – 17hLow €49,- avg €89,- high €120,-

1 more row

Is there a tunnel from UK to Netherlands?

The Channel Tunnel is 31.5 miles long or 50.45 km. That’s the equivalent of 169 Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other. 23.5 miles (37.9 km) of the Channel Tunnel is under the English Channel, making it the world’s longest undersea tunnel.

What do I need to drive from UK to Holland?

Documents for driving in the Netherlands
  1. Full, valid UK driving licence.
  2. Proof of ID (passport)
  3. Motor insurance certificate.
  4. V5 registration document.

What do I need to drive from UK to Amsterdam?

Road travel
  1. driving licence.
  2. insurance documents.
  3. vehicle documents.
  4. photo ID such as a passport or residence permit.

How much does it cost to drive from London to Amsterdam?

The distance from London to Amsterdam is 330 miles The estimated fuel cost for this journey is £52.77 (excluding Eurotunnel fees).


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