What is the difference between a MerCruiser Alpha and Bravo?

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How much HP can a Bravo 1 drive handle?

Intended for single, twin, and triple applications for boats that go over 100 mph, gas engines up to 600hp and diesel engines up to 370hp.

Is Bravo 1 or Bravo 3 better?

If you’re looking for a boat that will break 60 mph, either as is or after you make some planned modifications, a Bravo One is the way to go. The single propeller lends itself to performance applications better than the dual propellers of the Bravo Three.

Is Bravo 1 GOOD OutDrive?

With over 20 MerCruiser sterndrive systems to choose from, the Bravo Series and Alpha One outdrives clearly stand out as the top choices for boaters. The power of a sterndrive vs inboard engine on a boat can not be matched when it comes to MerCruiser outdrives.

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Is Bravo better than Alpha?

Bravo One drives were built to handle more power than an Alpha One. When used for lower horsepower applications, they are practically bulletproof. Second, the Bravo One shifts better because it uses a cone-style clutch in its upper housing.

What rank is Bravo 1?

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What SEAL Team is Bravo?

The Bravo Team is a team under Naval Special Warfare Development Group, also known as the highly covert “SEAL Team Six,” the most elite unit of the Navy SEALs.

How much do SEALs get paid?

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What is the difference between Bravo 1 and Bravo 2?

The Bravo 2 has 19 spline shaft and the Bravo 1 has 15 spline.

Is Bravo a good brand?

Bravo Company is well-known for its quality, so you know that unless something went wrong with the manufacturing process – and that is always a possibility – you are getting a good upper. Many consider the upper receiver group to be the heart and soul of a firearm, and I tend to go with that.

What is the difference between Bravo 1 and Bravo 2?

The Bravo 2 has 19 spline shaft and the Bravo 1 has 15 spline.

Who makes Bravo outdrives?

Product Options. Michigan Motorz has the brand new MerCruiser Bravo One Outdrive in stock, with a 1-year MerCruiser warranty. The Bravo One outdrive best-in-class performance can deliver boat speeds beyond the triple-digit mark thanks to its exclusive performance torpedo design and dual water pickups.

What is a Bravo 1 outdrive?

Bravo One drives are designed to handle the power of big block engines with a longer torpedo shape and a deeper skeg for confident control at all speeds. Dual water pick-ups keep big engines running cool at higher speeds. These drives are intended for single- and multi-engine applications.

Can you replace an alpha drive with a bravo?

There’s a fix for this, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. The big to-do is pulling the engine out, but the Bravo One drive and transom assembly will fit where the old Alpha drive was. In terms of size, the drives are similar, and the height of the propeller shaft is about the same.

How do I know if I have an Alpha or Bravo outdrive?

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Can you replace a Bravo 1 with a Bravo 3?

All Bravo uppers and transom assemblies are the same Yes you can mix and match.

What is advantage of Bravo 3?

Featuring dual contra-rotating propellers, the Bravo Three® gives you great steering control in the marina and incredible performance on open water. The extra blade on the propellers lets your boat plane-off at a lower speed for optimal fuel efficiency. Efficient design for minimal bow rise.

How much HP can a Bravo 3 XR handle?

Recommended for 260-350 H.P. diesel and 260-525 H.P.


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