What is the best 9.9 hp outboard motor?

If you are looking for a portable and lightweight 9.9/10 HP outboard motor for your boat that’s easier to install and transport, Navy 6.0 Evo is your best option.

How much does a 9.9 HP Yamaha outboard weight?

93 lbs

Which side do you lay down a Yamaha 4-stroke outboard?

4-stroke outboards should only be transported lying on the tiller side.

Is there a break in period for Yamaha outboards?

The break-in period takes almost ten hours in almost every Yamaha motor, following that at 20 hours a break-in service needs to be performed at a Yamaha dealership.

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What happens if you don’t break-in outboard?

Failure to follow the “break in procedure” for an outboard motor can result in mechanical failures, reduced life of the outboard and even a voided warranty!

What is the life expectancy of a Yamaha outboard?

Boater owners committed to regular maintenance will also often ask, “How many hours will a Yamaha outboard last?” While Yamaha makes a diverse line of outboard motors, most models will last 1,500 – 3,000 hours depending on how often it is maintained, stored, and used.

Do you need to break in a new Yamaha outboard?

New Yamaha Outboard Break-In

The biggest difference between a car and boat motor is the break-in process, as most cars are turn-key and ready to go. Since boat engines are designed to run at constant RPMs and are put under intense loads, it is very important to properly break in your motor.

How do I break in my new Yamaha outboard?

YouTube video

How long is break in on 4 stroke outboard?

Correct break-in will help ensure proper performance and longer motor life. Failure to follow the break-in procedure could result in reduced engine life or even severe motor damage. All current Yamaha four-stroke motors require a period of 10 hours break-in.

How long is the break in period for an outboard motor?

ANSWER: Most engines require a minimum of ten hours for a break-in period. If the proper procedure is not followed, your engine will have a shorter life. Forget the myth that if you run a boat hard, break it in hard. There is simply no truth to it.

Should you run your outboard at full throttle?

Every boat owner is different and how far you decide to push your marine engine is in your hands. However, running your boat at Wide-Open Throttle is not bad for your engine and can even help clear out carbon build up.

What is the Yamaha 20 hour service?

20 Hour Service (At 20 Hours or 3 Months)

Replace engine oil, oil filter, and gear oil. Clean/replace spark plugs. Replace boat-mounted fuel filter. Inspect/grease propeller.

Is 1000 hours on a outboard motor a lot?

Well-maintained inboard engines, inboard outboard engines (unless diesel), and outboards have a serviceable, average life of about 1500 – 2000 hours. If you are looking at a gas-fueled marine engine close to or exceeding 1000 hours, inboard or outboard, proceed with caution. It may be a deal, or it may be a money pit.

What year Yamaha outboards had problems?

Recently, the BoatUS Consumer Protection Bureau has been made aware of dozens of reports regarding serious corrosion problems in Yamaha outboards, specifically 2000 to 2004, first-generation F225 models.

How many hours should a 4 stroke outboard last?

With good maintenance and if used with sense, 4-stroke outboard engines will last thousands working hours.

What is considered old for a boat?

Historic: Any vessel constructed before and up to 1918. Antique: Any boat built between 1919 and 1942. Classic: A boat built between 1943 and 1975. Late classic: A boat ranging from 1976 to 25 years prior to the current year — from 2021, that would be 1996.

What is the most reliable boat brand?

10 Best Boat Brands & Manufacturers: 2022 Edition
  • Beneteau. Category: Best Sailboat Boat Brand.
  • Nautique Boats. Category: Best Watersports Boat Brand.
  • Pro-Line Boats. Category: Best Saltwater Fishing Boat Brand.
  • Tracker Boats. Category: Best Freshwater Fishing Boat Brand.
  • Sea Ray.
  • Godfrey Pontoon Boats.
  • Bayliner.
  • Sea-Doo.

Is it worth fixing up an old boat?

Refurbish Your Boat

The reality is that even simple refurbishment can add a lot of value to your boat. Restore a bit of the luster and the value of the boat will rise, an old refurbished boat is worth more now than ever before. Doing more than just basic repairs can be a lot to ask.


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