What does beste mean?

best; superlative degree of good.

What does Flugh mean in German?

Flug → flight, air, aerial, airy, overhead.

What does Patapouf mean in French?

patapouf m inf. pudding (fat person)

What does Messen mean in German?

To deliver food to a table; to serve up food.

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What is Bozo in German?

bozo {noun}

Trottel {m} [coll.] bozo (also: fool, moron, cabbage, clot, prune, sap, booby, nutter, dumbass, prat)

What is Bobo in German?

adj. blödsinnig ▼ Adjektiv. adj. dumm [dümmer; am dümmsten] ▼ Adjektiv.

What are German slangs?

20 Everyday German Slang Words (So You Sound Like A Native)
  • Alter! This is one of my favourite German expressions.
  • Moin. Moin is the shortening of the phrase, “Guten Morgen” or good morning in parts of northern Germany.
  • Geil.
  • Irre.
  • Krass.
  • Lecker.
  • Assi.
  • Hammer.

How do you say LMAO in German?

<LMAO> [vulg.] [Br.] Ich lach mich kaputt. [ugs.]

What is the German word for greetings?

Guten Morgen / Guten Abend / Guten Tag

These three forms of hello in German literally translate to “Good morning,” “Good evening” and “Good day,” respectively.

What does Meinem mean in German?

“Meinen” is both a verb meaning “to mean” (in the sense of “I mean / I think / I intend to say”, not of “this word means”) and a possessive adjective or pronoun meaning “my” or “mine”.

What does Putzer mean in German?

noun. a man’s personal male attendant.

What is Funfzig in German?

noun. fifty [number] the number or figure 50. fifty [number] the age of 50.

How do you make love in German?

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How can I call my boyfriend in German?

10 German nicknames to call your sweetheart
  • Maus (mouse) Mice aren’t exactly the sweetest creatures around.
  • Hase (bunny)
  • Bärchen (little bear)
  • Mausebär (mouse bear)
  • Schnecke (snail)
  • Schnucki (no English translation)
  • Perle (pearl)
  • Liebling (darling)

What do German couples call each other?

Schatz is the most common German term of endearment, according to surveys. Couples all over the country call each other this pet name or one of its many cute forms, such as Schätzchen (little treasure) or Schatzi (little treasure). It’s also very common to use with children.

How do you flirt with a guy in German?


It was love at first sight! Ich möchte nicht stören, aber ich musste dich einfach ansprechen! Ich kann mit dir so viel lachen! Mir kommt es vor als würden wir uns schon seit Ewigkeiten kennen!

How do Germans express love?

Unlike other languages, the German expression “Ich liebe dich” is almost exclusively used in romantic relationships. Nevertheless, Germans like to express their love for their friends and family too. In most cases, they say “Ich hab’ dich lieb,” which could be translated as “I have love for you.”

How are Germans in dating?

The German approach to dating is to take things slow and really invest time in getting to know a person. Because most Germans don’t rush into relationships, it might take weeks or even months of dating before a couple becomes official. The pace at which a relationship evolves is also down to the individuals.

Do Germans kiss as a greeting?

The most common greeting is a handshake with direct eye contact. Men usually greet women first and wait for them to extend their hand. Close friends may hug to greet and younger people may kiss one another on the cheek. “Guten Tag” (Good day) or “Hallo” (Hello) are the most common verbal greetings used in Germany.


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