What do Marex do?

Marex is a diversified global financial services platform, providing essential liquidity, market access and infrastructure services to clients in the energy, commodities and financial markets.

Where is Marex from?

Marex is a UK-based diversified global financial services platform, connecting clients to global energy, metals, agricultural and financial markets.

Who owns Marex?

Marex Group PLC
Marex / Parent organization

What does Marex Spectron do?

Marex Spectron is a world-leading commodity broker, providing clients with an unrivaled breadth of coverage across metals, energy, and agricultural markets.

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When was Marex founded?

Marex / Founded

Why is Spectron deprecated?

Why Deprecate Spectron? ​ While Spectron has consistently put out new releases for each new version of Electron, the project has had very little maintenance and improvements for well over a year, and currently has no full-time maintainers.

Is Electron JS secure?

One of Electron’s greatest strengths is also its biggest security risk. By using web technologies and languages outside the sandboxed environment of a browser, Electron opens up users’ entire computers to potential exploitation.

What is Spectron framework?

Spectron is an open source framework that is used to easily write integration and end-to-end tests for your Electron applications. Simulating User Input, navigating web pages are some of the capabilities that Spectron provides.

What is Electron builder?

electron-builder builds the Electron app for the current platform and current architecture as the default target. macOS: DMG and ZIP for Squirrel.Mac. Windows: NSIS (.exe) Linux: If you build on Windows or macOS, Snap and AppImage for x64 will be the output.

Is Electronjs obsolete?

Here’s the truth, Electron is an obsolete technology.

Is Electron owned by Microsoft?

Electron (formerly known as Atom Shell) is a free and open-source software framework developed and maintained by GitHub.

Can I use C++ in Electron?

Native Modules in Electron

Electron has first-class support for native Node. js modules (also called native addons). These modules are special npm packages that can contain C/C++ code and will compile to the target architecture upon installation.

Is Electron a malware?

Electron Bot is a new type of malware that takes advantage of victims’ machines to promote social media applications by watching videos and adding new comments and subscriptions.

Is Electron good for desktop?

Overall, if you want to use JavaScript everywhere, and don’t care much about performance or security, Electron is a pretty good choice. However, if you have any performance considerations, need mobile support, or want optimal security, you probably will not want to use Electron.

Is Electron the same as Chrome?

Chrome Apps require the user to have Chrome installed, Electron doesn’t. Electron has better developer tools for testing and debugging. Electron is an open source platform. Chrome Apps is also built on top of multiple open technologies but specially distribution is controlled by Google.

What is Electron app used for?

Electron, also called Electron JS, is a software development framework for building native applications (applications that run natively on Windows, macOS, and Linux) using web technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Is Electron still used 2022?

Despite all the hate, it is still the most-loved framework used by platforms like Discord, Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Twitch and many others. It is open-source and maintained by the OpenJS foundation and its cross-platform, which means that apps built with Electron run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Is WhatsApp an Electron app?

Why does WhatsApp desktop app use Electron? Working less and providing more, Electron framework helped the WhatsApp developers to cover it all in single cost and wrap around the desktop experience of WhatsApp through a more streamlined and revolutionized framework – the Electron.

Does Netflix use Electron?

electronplayer is an application using the electron app development framework. It is used for viewing Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Floatplane, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and more.

Is Spotify an Electron?

Spotify is an Electron app meaning that it’s just Chrome running a fancy website pretending to be an app. So this RAM is in fact used by Chrome :D. Spotify PWA should be better right? Though it has a lower bitrate.


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