What are some fun summer ideas?

All you need is a little space and sunshine for these activities that get kids moving.
  • Build a water blob or a slip ‘n slide.
  • Build an obstacle course in the backyard.
  • Climb trees together.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Go fishing.
  • Have a bubble gum bubble blowing contest.
  • Have a water balloon baseball game.
  • Have a water gun race.

What to see in London summer 2022?

20 Things To Do In London In Summer
  • 1- Walk In Harry Potter’s Footsteps.
  • 2- Marvel At Kew Gardens.
  • 3- Climb To The Roof Of The 02 Arena.
  • 4- Go On A Thames Cruise.
  • 5- Get A Bird’s-Eye View From The London Eye.
  • 6- See The Crown Jewels At The Tower Of London.
  • 7- Explore Buckingham Palace’s State Rooms.

What is there to do in London in hot summer?

Things To Do In A London Heatwave☀️
  • Head To An Urban Beach. If you’re looking for sandy shores to go along with the blue London skies, you might manage a bit of tidal mud.
  • Battersea Power Station.
  • Skuna.
  • Venture Across To Kew Gardens.
  • Explore The Serpentine Pavilion.
  • Kensington Palace.

Where can I go on a hot day in London?

Our favourite Royal parks include Hyde Park, St James’ Park, Richmond Park and Regents Park. Then there also the non-Royal parks which are also worth visiting such as Battersea Park and Clapham Common.

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What can you do on a lazy day in London?

How to Spend a Lazy Sunday in London
  • Afternoon Tea at Brown’s Hotel.
  • Le Caprice Jazz Sessions.
  • Antara Signature Spa Day.
  • Columbia Road Flower Market.
  • Tipsy Tea at Mr.
  • Sunday Upmarket at Old Truman’s Brewery.
  • Sunday Roast at Blacklock.

Where can I take a girl in London?

Best Places to Take Your Girlfriend in London
  • Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch. 4761 user reviews.
  • Purl. 345 user reviews.
  • The Bletchley: Cryptic Cocktail Experience! 25 user reviews.
  • BENOIT VIELLEFON LIVE (Orchestra / Hot Club / Trio) 82 user reviews.
  • Backyard Cinema.
  • Beer Merchants Tap.
  • Sky Garden.
  • Camden Town Brewery Tour.

Where can I cool off in London?

Where to Cool Down in London
  • Hamstead Heath Swimming Ponds. A beauty spot for London and a life saver for cooling off.
  • London Fields Lido. Located in the heart of hipster central, Hackney, London Fields can get busy but it’s worth a visit.
  • Tooting Bec Lido.
  • Serpentine Lido – Hyde Park.
  • The Berkeley Hotel.

Where can I go on a sunny day in London?

6 ways to enjoy a sunny day in London
  • Stroll along the South Bank.
  • Have a picnic at Gordon Square:
  • Feel Fancy at Kew Gardens:
  • Take in the views at Greenwich Park:
  • Go bird-watching at St. James’s Park:
  • Swim a few laps at the London Fields Lido:
  • Bonus: Play a game of rounders.

Where do cool people hang out in London?

1. Camden
  • Camden Market. Camden Market, which is one of the 7 Urban Wonders of the World was set up in 1974 consisting of just 16 stalls.
  • Pub Crawl.
  • Primrose Hill.
  • Shoreditch’s Street Art.
  • Boxpark Shoreditch.
  • Thrift Shopping!
  • Curry, Curry & more Curry.
  • Jack The Ripper Walking Tour.

What can you do in extreme heat UK?

Bring everything you will need with you, such as a bottle of water, sun cream and a hat. If you have to go out in the heat, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen, and wear a hat and light clothing. Be prepared, as heatwaves can affect transport services and you might need extra water.

Why is UK heat so uncomfortable?

Humidity is one reason, explained the Met Office. The UK has a higher level of humidity than the European continent and “it is harder for the human body to keep cool as your sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly.”

How hot can you legally work in UK?

There’s no law for minimum or maximum working temperatures, eg when it’s too cold or too hot to work. However, guidance suggests a minimum of 16ºC or 13ºC if employees are doing physical work. There’s no guidance for a maximum temperature limit.

How hot is too hot in the UK?

While there is a minimum working temperature set in UK law of 16C (60.8F), at the moment there is no set maximum working temperature. This means an employee does not have a legal right to ask to go home early when the sizzling heat kicks in.

Has the UK ever hit 40 degrees?

This was the first time 40°C has been recorded in the UK. A new record daily maximum temperature was provisionally reached on 19 July, with 40.3°C recorded at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, exceeding the previous record by 1.6°C. A total of 46 stations across the UK exceeded the previous UK record of 38.7°C.

Is it legal to work in 40 degree heat?

There is no official legal maximum working temperature, however, the government states that during working hours, the temperature of all indoor working spaces must be reasonable. Employers must also stick to health and safety at work, including: keeping the temperature at a comfortable level.

Will 2023 be a hot summer?

The return of the El Niño climate phenomenon later this year will cause global temperatures to rise “off the chart” and deliver unprecedented heatwaves, scientists have warned.

Why is the UK hotter?

Indeed, as a spokesperson for the Met Office told MyLondon: “The level of humidity can be higher in the UK than in continental Europe. If humidity is high, it is harder for the human body to keep cool as your sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly.


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