Is the Suzuki 9.9 a good motor?

The Suzuki 9.9 HP outboard motor is compact, lightweight, and fuel injected. This 2-cylinder 4-stroke is incredibly quiet and smooth. For jon boats, skiffs, tenders, and inflatables, the Suzuki 9.9 HP EFI outboard engine makes an excellent choice.

Is a Suzuki outboard motor any good?

Suzuki being a reliable, quality, durable outboard motor, when well maintained; and serviced by an authorized dealer as required; keeps its value and therefore is a good boating investment.

How much does a Suzuki 9.9 outboard weight?

9BTHS4 is a 15 inch short shaft with electric start, power tilt and electronic fuel injection. The Suzuki 9.9 HP outboard engine is lightweight, compact and fuel efficient at 120 lbs.

What is the life expectancy of a Suzuki outboard?

With a high emphasis placed on integrity, Suzuki builds their motors to last. Like other outboard motors, you can expect a lifespan between 1,500 to 2,000 hours or more.

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Is 900 hours a lot for a boat motor?

Well-maintained inboard engines, inboard outboard engines (unless diesel), and outboards have a serviceable, average life of about 1500 – 2000 hours. If you are looking at a gas-fueled marine engine close to or exceeding 1000 hours, inboard or outboard, proceed with caution.

What is the most reliable 4-stroke outboard motor?

So before you make any moves, be sure to check out these best-of-the-best outboard engines.
  • Suzuki DF90A – Best All-Around Mid-Size Outboard.
  • Yamaha F25 – Best Lightweight Outboard.
  • Suzuki DF25A – Most Reliable Small Outboard.
  • Mercury 90-150 Four Strokes – Best All-Purpose Outboard Engines.

What is the most reliable outboard motor brand?

Best Outboard Motors in 2023
  1. Mercury Racing 450R. Mercury Racing. After Mercury launched its new V8 4.6-liter Verado, it was only a matter of time before they stepped up the horsepower by a few notches.
  2. G2 Evinrude 150 E-TEC. Evinrude.
  3. Torqueedo Travel 1103 CS. Torqeedo.
  4. Yamaha Offshore XTO. Yamaha.
  5. Suzuki DF350A. Suzuki.

What is the average life of a 4-stroke outboard motor?

On average, an outboard motor will run for about 1,500 hours or 7 to 8 years. Each outboard motor will be different, but if you continue to maintain and take care of the motor, it can last much longer.

How reliable is Suzuki engine?

Suzuki is celebrating some great news from the results of the 2021 What Car? Reliability Survey. Following reports from over 16,300 readers about their car ownership experience for vehicles up to five years old, Suzuki ranked joint third out of the 30 car brands measured with a score of 97.1% reliability.

Are Suzuki outboards dependable?

Reading through the various boating forums, the consensus is that Suzuki Marine manufactures one of the most, if not the most, reliable 4-stroke outboard motors available on the market today. While Suzuki traditionally hasn’t been as popular as some other marine outboard brands, they are gaining popularity.

Are Suzuki outboards made in China?

Parsun – Volvo Penta Suzuki. Parsun is an international brand of outboard motors, generators, pumps, and engines. Made in China and co-designed with their US and Japanese partners.

How often should a Suzuki outboard be serviced?

100 Hour Service (Every 100 Hours or 1 Year)

Replace engine oil, oil filter, gear oil, spark plugs, and fuel filter. Replace boat-mounted fuel filter. Inspect/grease propeller. Inspect/replace anodes and thermostats.

Who makes Suzuki outboard engines?

Suzuki Marine outboard motors are manufactured at the Tokoyama facility in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, and in factories in several countries abroad. After manufacturing their first outboard motor in 1965, the 5.5 horsepower D55, Suzuki continued producing outboard motors.

Do Suzuki use Toyota engines?

The engines have been created specifically for smaller cars and were designed with Toyota input. Toyota will also supply hybrid technology to Suzuki for vehicles sold in India.

Why was Suzuki discontinued?

Its cars were too small, its safety record iffy and its branding a bit too comical (Suzuki Sidekick, anyone?). So it came as little surprise to most analysts when Suzuki announced late Monday that it would stop selling automobiles in the United States and put its American unit into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Who makes diesel engines for Suzuki?

The diesel engines are being developed at Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd—a 70:30 joint venture between Suzuki Motor and Maruti Suzuki—at Manesar. It manufactures diesel engines and transmissions for cars. “The project is under the supervision of two veteran engineers from India.

What is the Holy Grail of diesel engines?

5. P7100 (The Holy Grail) While the 12-valve was produced from ’89-’98, most folks seek out the ’94-’98 version. These engines were equipped with the mechanical Bosch P7100 injection pump (also known as “P-pump” or inline pump), which features six plunger and barrel assemblies, a cam and delivery valves.

Does Suzuki still use Fiat engine?

As many as 14 models from Maruti Suzuki, Fiat and Tata Motors use this engine on hatchbacks, compact sedans, SUV and a mid-size sedan. Swift, Dzire, Baleno, Ignis, S-Cross and Ertiga from Maruti Suzuki, Bolt and Zest from Tata Motors and Punto, Avventura and Linea from Fiat use the 1.3 litre engine.


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