Is Burgman worth buying?

It is indeed a very likeable family scooter scooter with retro styling that would appeal to a more mature audience. It’s comfortable, frugal and even agile, which makes it a worthwhile option for most buyers.

Why did Suzuki Burgman fail?

The Suzuki Access 125 and Burgman have been detected with a potential crankshaft failure due to which the scooters’ engines can stall leading to a potentially dangerous situation if it happens while they are being ridden. Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited has started rolling out its new BS6 bikes and scooters.

Is Burgman 125 worth it?

My all experience with this Burgman is very very great. Best look best mileage best pickup all things in this bike are great. the look is also awesome so don’t think about this bike giving you the best performance you ever think. So don’t be late go and book your dream bike and enjoy.

How fast does a Burgman scooter go?

Suzuki Burgman Street has a top speed of 96.20 kmph.

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Is Burgman good for long drive?

Burgman is very much like a long haul vehicle, if your body can support the long drives then go for it.

Why is it called Burgman?

Americanized form of German Burgmann: from Middle High German burc ‘fortified town castle’ + man ‘man vassal’ a status name for a vassal of the lord of a castle or a chatelain or an occupational or status name for a town justice.

What is the top speed of Burgman 125cc?

Suzuki Burgman 125 Bike Spec
  • Capacity125cc.
  • Weight156kg.
  • Engine4 stroke, liquid cooled, single cylinder.
  • Top speed65mph.
  • Seat height735mm.
  • Average fuel consumption81mpg.

What is the top speed of a Burgman 200?

With its light weight, the Burgman 200 gets up to speed fairly quickly. It uses a single cylinder 200cc powerplant, which creates a max of 18.1 HP. Peak power occurs way up at 8000 RPM, so the Burgman 200 revs its way to a decent top speed of 75mph (120 km/hr).

How fast does a 650 Burgman go?

The Burgman 650 is a luxury, large-capacity super-scoot, with a strong, reliable 638cc parallel twin engine, putting out 54bhp. It has an automatic gearbox with manual override and sports mode, and can touch 120mph where permitted.

Is Burgman a good for beginners?

Yes you can, but you’ll have to tilt the Scooty almost at every moment on any side, due to short height, My sister is 5’1 and she is handling Burgman good, I’ll not say excellent, but as we both loved the styling of Burgman, she compromised on ultimate comfort, and chose Burgman over TVS Jupiter, Access 125 was never

What are the pros and cons of Burgman?

Pros: Looks Power Smooth Space Seating Cons: Price Braking Service Self-start switch poor quality I can easily this is one of the best in the scooter I can easily this is one of the best in the scooter segment.. Good pickup and power. There is a lot of space under the seat and middle.

Is Burgman Fuel Efficient?

The mileage of Suzuki Burgman Street is 55.89 kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Burgman Street.

Are Suzuki Burgman reliable?

The Burgman range has been around since 1998 so there should be no issues with reliability. However, previous models have suffered from problems with corrosion, so maintenance through winter months is key. Our Suzuki Burgman 400 owners’ reviews have a good score for reliability.

How much is a 2006 Burgman worth?

Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$7,799$2,005
Options (Add)
Total Price$7,799$2,005

Why are burgman street tires so small?

The Burgman Street uses a tall profile rear tire so it somehow compensates for the overall diameter visually relative to the 12-inch front wheel that has a lower profile tire. The practice of using a bigger front wheel diameter on scooters is more common than you think.

Is the Suzuki Burgman discontinued?

SUZUKI BURGMAN 650 (AN650) The Burgman 650 is the largest member of the Burgman family and one of the most popular maxi-scooters. This maxi-scooter was first introduced into the North American market for 2003 and remains on sale until it was discontinued after 2018.

What is the lowest price of Suzuki Burgman?

The price of Suzuki Burgman Street in India starts at Rs. 89,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,12,300. Suzuki Burgman Street comes with 3 variants which includes Burgman Street BS6, Burgman Street Bluetooth.

Why does Burgman 125 beep?

The beeping sound you hear is not from the battery but it is from the indicator beeper as it has shorted due to the water present. It will go away once the beeper dries.


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