Is a Suzuki outboard motor any good?

Suzuki being a reliable, quality, durable outboard motor, when well maintained; and serviced by an authorized dealer as required; keeps its value and therefore is a good boating investment.

What is the life expectancy of a Suzuki outboard?

With a high emphasis placed on integrity, Suzuki builds their motors to last. Like other outboard motors, you can expect a lifespan between 1,500 to 2,000 hours or more.

Are old Suzuki outboards good?

Reading through the various boating forums, the consensus is that Suzuki Marine manufactures one of the most, if not the most, reliable 4-stroke outboard motors available on the market today. While Suzuki traditionally hasn’t been as popular as some other marine outboard brands, they are gaining popularity.

What is Suzuki outboard drive by wire?

With drive-by-wire technology, often referred to as fly-by-wire, the throttle and shift controls send electronic signals down wires that then instruct the electronics at the engine end to do your bidding.

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Are Suzuki outboards made in China?

Parsun – Volvo Penta Suzuki. Parsun is an international brand of outboard motors, generators, pumps, and engines. Made in China and co-designed with their US and Japanese partners.

Are Suzuki outboards made by tohatsu?

Suzuki makes its own motors. Tohatsu made motors for Mercury, and others.

What does Suzuki drive-by-wire mean?

Drive By Wire. ■ Operation from the remote control is delivered to outboard via an electric signal and not by the traditional mechanical control cables.

Are Suzuki outboards fly-by-wire?

In a world-first for four-stroke, Suzuki Marine have introduced fly by wire to the 115 to 140HP range of outboards – the smallest four-stroke outboards to have this technology, opening up the convenience of fly by wire to a huge range of boaties who run mid-range HP outboards.

What does drive-by-wire mean for boats?

Drive by wire, DbW, by-wire, steer-by-wire, fly-by-wire or x-by-wire technology in the automotive or aviation industry is the use of electrical or electro-mechanical systems for performing vehicle functions traditionally achieved by mechanical linkages.

What is the difference between drive-by-wire and drive by cable?

A drive-by-wire car uses electricity, wires, variable resistors, and motor actuators to control functions such as throttle position, gear selection, etcetera. These are usually newer and computer controlled and therefore more efficient. A drive-by-cable car uses levers, cables, and linkages to control these functions.

What is the advantage of drive-by-wire?

The benefits of drive-by-wire technology for consumers are increasingly well known. For example, by replacing conventional mechanical throttle, braking and steering systems with electronics, the significant reduction in the number of moving parts in a vehicle, reduces servicing needs and costs.

Is drive-by-wire reliable?

Exploring the Future of Drive-by-Wire

Mechanical systems can and do fail, but regulatory authorities still see them as being more reliable than electronic systems. Drive-by-wire systems are also more expensive than mechanical controls due to the fact that they are significantly more complex.

Is throttle by wire better?

Throttle-by-wire creates harmony between the throttle angle, ignition and fuel, which allows the engine to create more torque and power. Also, throttle-by-wire can better utilize variable valve timing.

Does full throttle damage engine?

Driving at full throttle with the engine at a low RPM because the transmission is in too high a gear is known as lugging your engine. And while it’s bad for naturally aspirated engines, it’s even worse for turbocharged ones.

Do throttle controllers improve 0 60?

No, you can go 0 to 60 faster with a tune than you can with a throttle controller. A performance part such as a tune will allow you to get the speed that throttle control will bring more effectively. The gas pedal input allows the engine to do work, increasing your car’s speed.

Can a throttle controller damage your engine?

A throttle response controller can help your car’s engine respond more quickly to your input, which can help you avoid accidents. You might be wondering if throttle controllers damage your engine or vehicle. The simple answer is no.

Do throttle controllers use more petrol?

Does throttle controller save fuel? Yes, if you used correctly it can help you manage fuel. It can also be used in combination with other devices to help train and monitor fuel. Some systems use AI these days and a throttle controller can help better train the AI to save on fuel.

Are throttle controllers a gimmick?

Do throttle controllers really work? While a throttle controller won’t simply offer free horsepower, it will drastically improve drivability in a range of driving applications by tuning throttle response.


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