How much does it cost to use a Voi scooter?

What does it cost to use a Voi e-scooter? It costs £1 to unlock the scooter and then £0.20 per minute of usage. Voi also offers 24-hour day passes and 30-day monthly passes.

Do you need driving licence for Voi scooter?

You need a driving licence or a provisional driving licence to ride a Voi eScooter. Luckily it’s easy to validate your licence before renting an eScooter – just follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll be ready to hit the road. Plus, you’ll only need to do it once.

Do Voi scooters turn off at night?

* All scooters can be used between 6am and midnight everyday.

How do you ride a Voi scooter for free?


Head to the Scooter & Bike tab in our app to find your eScooter on the map. Use the info on the scooter to make sure you’ve got the right one (they sometimes come in packs). You can also scan a scooter’s QR-code. Unlock it with the app and you’re good to go!

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Is Voi free for 45 minutes?

For a fixed price, riders may take up to 10 rides a day, but not more than 200 minutes in total. After the first 45 minutes of each ride, the standard price per minute in your city will apply. Voi Pass is available either as a 24-hour pass or a monthly subscription.

Do Voi scooters have cameras?

The ‘smart camera’ hardware and electronics have been honed by Luna and Voi over the last 6 months, to integrate with the latest Voi vehicles, while the computer vision algorithms have been trained extensively using hours of video footage from Northampton.

Is Voi free?

Try Voi for free

For new riders looking to use Voi more regularly, other options such as pay-as-you-go, daily and monthly passes are available. Riders can check in-app for more details.

Do you have to pay for Voi scooters?

To ride a scooter, download the Voi app and upload a copy of your valid driving licence. It costs £1 to unlock the scooter and then 20p per minute of the ride. There are also several subscriptions to make unlimited rides at a fixed rate.

Do you have to pay for Voi?

Voi Credits will be used by default, so if You have a free ride on Your account, this will automatically be Your next trip. If all Voi Credits have been used during a ride, You have to pay for any remaining part of the ride.

How to get a free Voi helmet?

When users purchase a Monthly Pass, we will automatically send them an email with details on how to claim their freebie and funky headgear. The Closca Loop folding helmet is not just a piece of urban mobility design – it has an innovative ventilation system that allows air to circulate.

How much is a Voi monthly pass?

And the monthly pass now has two options – 300 minutes for £35 per month or up to nine rides or 200 minutes a day for £50 per month. In its email to customers, the company said: “We’re writing to inform you of price changes in Bristol and Bath.

How fast do Voi bikes go?

What is the maximum speed of a Voi e-scooter? Speeds are capped at 15.5 mph, per regulation. However, at the start of the Oxford trial, the maximum speed will be 10 mph.

How do Voi scooters get charged?

In partnership with Bumblebee Power, Voi is trialling the use of wireless charging pads by retrofitting a number of e-scooters with technology enabling the vehicles to be charged where they are parked.

How long does Voi battery last?

So how long do Voi’s e-scooters last? Using this methodology, the report estimates that Voi’s Voiager 4, the e-scooter model launched in 2021, has a lifespan of 4.6 years (6,529 km) for the frame and 3.7 years (103.4 kWh) for each battery.

Do Voi scooters have a curfew?

Since the beginning of the trial and as a result of feedback from the police, the council and members of the public, a number of changes have been implemented by Voi to enhance the safety of the scheme, including visible number plates, a curfew when the scooters will stop working, and a system whereby nuisance riders

Do you have to wear a helmet on a Voi scooter?

Helmets are recommended

Riders can either use their own helmet or get a free helmet from Voi if they have a monthly pass or if they attend Voi’s safety events.

Can you ride Voi scooters drunk?

Even for low alcohol levels, riding intoxicated should never be tolerated and we will continue to work with both riders and regulators to minimise drunk riding.” In most countries, you may be prosecuted under drink or drug driving laws if you go beyond the limit.

Can you drop Voi scooters anywhere?

Because e-scooters are dockless users can potentially leave them anywhere when they have finished riding. This is convenient for users, but the e-scooters can become a nuisance if parked irresponsibly.


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