How much does Flexiteek cost?

The cost of Flexiteek is roughly $40 to $42 per square foot, and the product comes with a five-year warranty.

What is the best cleaner for Flexiteek?

STAIN/SPILL REMOVAL Flexiteek is stain resistant and most spills will clean up with warm soapy water (for rapid stain removal, clean while stain is fresh). We recommend the use of a Flexiteek Cleaner; simply spray the Cleaner on the area, scrub with a white 3M doodle bug scrubber and rinse with water.

What kind of glue to use on Flexiteek?

We have tested many adhesives and recommend the use of 2G MS polymer or PU2K adhesives depending on your installation method.

What is Flexiteek made of?

Flexiteek is a synthetic teak panel and it is made of composite materials, 100% recyclable to other products and its non–slip quality is superb and nobody yet on first viewing or touching think it is anything other than real teak. The deck will not fade, dry out, split or crack and requires minimal maintenance.

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Is SeaDek hard to keep clean?

Because of its closed-cell composition, SeaDek is non-absorbent and naturally stain-resistant, so dirt and grime stay on the surface, making cleanup much easier than other flooring materials like carpet.

How long do teak decks last?

Durability – A ½” thick teak deck well cared for will last 15-20 years, depending on the environment. A painted non-skid deck lasts 5-8 years. A composite deck lasts 5-20 years depending on its quality. (High quality, long-lasting composite decks are not much less expensive than teak.)

What material is SeaDek?

SeaDek is made from soft, durable, EVA material specifically designed for the marine environment. SeaDek is a closed-cell material so it will not absorb water.

Where is flexiteek made?

Flexiteek products are manufactured in the UK and Sweden.

What is synthetic teak made of?

Isoteak is artificial synthetic teak made of original PVC based composition. We proudly offer you new faux decking material made with a respect to design and traditions of shipbuilding. The our faux teak looks almost like real teak, gives a boat premium look and does not require maintenance.

What kind of foam is SeaDek?

SeaDek Sheet Material is made from soft yet durable, non-absorbent PE/EVA blended foam material. This 40″ x 80″ sheet is 5mm thick and available in a variety of colors.

How much does it cost to get SeaDek?

The price for a SeaDek depends on the sheet’s size. The smallest, measuring 18 by 38 inches, costs $43.99. The largest and most expensive sheet is 40 by 80 inches and retails for $174.99. How much it will cost you depends on your boat’s size and how many sheets you’ll need.

Does SeaDek get hot in the sun?

Thanks to its closed-cell PE/EVA composition, SeaDek is an insulator! So, because SeaDek is an insulator, when it gets warm in the sun and then you step onto it, it does not transfer very much heat to your feet. And that is why SeaDek doesn’t get hot!

Can you install SeaDek yourself?

If you are out of range for one of our installers to come and install your SC Wake SeaDek boat flooring pads or would like to do it yourself, we have you covered. With SC Wake SeaDek’s marine grade 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive, application is a breeze. Just peel, stick and get out on the water – it’s that easy!

How long does SeaDek last for?

What is the life expectancy? In the harshest conditions, SeaDek can be expected to last 5-7 years. If the boat is covered and/or well taken care of, a longer life is likely.

Does SeaDek get moldy?

SeaDek is Easy to Clean. When you are on the water for an extended period, there is no way to prevent your SeaDek from getting wet. As a result, bacteria and mold grow on these surfaces. There is also the risk of the SeaDek getting stained.

How do you get the smell out of SeaDek?

For best results, spray Dek Magic liberally to cover the area needing to be cleaned. With a medium bristled boat brush, lightly work the product in. Let the cleaner sit for 3-5 minutes then use water to dampen the affected area and lightly scrub for a second time.

What are the benefits of a sea deck?

Easy to clean and stain resistant, SeaDek also provides protection for boat surfaces, especially in high traffic areas. Other benefits that SeaDek offers include: Exceptional traction even when wet. Unparalleled comfort when standing, walking or leaning on boat surfaces.

What is the warranty on SeaDek?

Getting SeaDek installed is easy

All SeaDek from Marine Detail Specialists come with a 3 year material warranty and a 2 year installation warranty.

How do I protect my sea deck?

SeaDek pads are very durable, but they will last longer and the colors will fade more slowly if they are not exposed to the elements when not in use. Good practices include: keeping the boat in a garage, covered with a canvas boat cover, in a covered boat slip, etc.


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