How much does a Yamaha F25 weight?


The all-new F25 Portable four stroke features a Single Overhead Camshaft, 2-cylinder powerhead, for a compact design that weighs in at only 126 pounds. That gives it the best power-to-weight ratio of any 25-horsepower outboard on the water—two stroke or four stroke.

Who makes the lightest 25 hp outboard?

Yamaha’s F25 has gone through a redesign so transformative, it’s now the lightest 25-horsepower outboard on the water—two stroke or four stroke. Its new portable design and class-leading power-to-weight mean 25 horses can boldly go where they’ve never gone before.

What is the lightest 25hp outboard motor?

The new 25 hp (432 cc) model will be available as a four-stroke with variations that include power trim and tilt (PTT). Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS™) will be standard on all models. The new engine will be the lightest 25 horsepower outboard available on the market with an overall weight of 126 lbs.

How fast is a F25?

The F25 delivers a speed up to 15.5 mph.

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How much does an F25 cost?

There’s a good bit of variation, depending on shaft length, the tiller handle or steering you choose, whether or not you get a tachometer. But the bottom line generally ranges between about $3,200 and $4,000.

How much does a 25 hp outboard motor weight?

Shipping Weight: 222.00 Lbs.

How much does a 25 hp Suzuki outboard weight?

62.0kg – 72.0kg

What is the weight of a 25 hp Mercury outboard?

Engine Details

Lightweight: just 84 pounds. Great for aluminum tiller, inflatable soft hull, jon, utility, and sail boats.

How much does a 25 hp Tohatsu outboard weight?

Weight 158 Lbs. RPM Range: 5000-6000.

Are Tohatsu motors made by Honda?

By entering into a partnership with the Honda Motor Corp, Tohatsu now has a lineup of eight new four-strokes that include 60, 75, 90, 115, 150, 200, 225 and 250HP models. But this collaboration with Honda has not stripped Tohatsu of its historical identity.

Is tohatsu made by Nissan?

Tohatsu Marine Corporation was set up in 1988 as joint venture with Brunswick Corporation, USA. Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corporation and many of the smaller Mercury Outboards are just rebranded Tohatsu Engines. In addition, the entire line of Nissan outboards are rebranded Tohatsus.

How fast does a 25 HP boat go?

Two up, about 30 stone, the max speed is 19 mph by GPS, (flat calm) is this what others get / would expect.

How much fuel does a 25 hp outboard use?

Maximum output: 25HP (18.4 KW) Maximum operation range: 5000-6000 rpm. Fuel Consumption at W.O.T: 8.8 L/Hr.

Is a 25 foot boat a yacht?

But to be called a yacht, a boat has to be at least 35 feet long. Yachts can also be much larger than that: A mega-yacht is more than 100 feet long, while yachts more than 200 feet long are called super-yachts. Yachts are usually used for recreation, and they are designed to be luxurious.

Is 80 mph fast for a boat?

While 80 mph isn’t “fast” by performance-boat standards, it’s fast enough given the superior versatility they offer over their catamaran and V-bottom counterparts.

How fast are police boats?

Mobile Police 34′ Interceptor sea trials.
Interceptor 10M Standard Configuration
Max speed45-55 Knots
Cruise Speed38 Knots
B.O.A.9′ 10″

What is the most fuel efficient speed for a boat?

For most boats, an engine’s most efficient running speed falls between 25-30mph. Diesel engines find their sweet spot somewhere beyond 1800rpm. Gasoline outboards usually find it between 3000-4000rpm.

What RPM should you run a boat?

The full-throttle limit for modern marine gasoline motors ranges from 4800 to 6000 rpm. (By comparison, your car’s engine probably turns less than 2500 rpm at freeway speeds.) Most mechanics and engineers suggest the best cruising speeds are achieved at 3400 and 3800 rpm respectively.


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