How much does a 150 Pro XS cost?

Mercury Marine 150L ProXS FourStroke • $13,800

Engineered to meet the demands for high speeds on fresh or salt water, these high-performance motors deliver a winning combination of power, acceleration, durability, and fuel efficiency.

What is the difference between Optimax and Pro XS?

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What is the difference between Mercury 150 and 150 Pro XS?

A few significant differences between Mercury FourStroke and Mercury 150 Pro XS are: An improved RPM range from 5000-5800 RPM to 5200-6000 RPM. A change in gearcase ratio from 1.92:1 to 2.08:1. Different graphics with grey/silver gearcase paint instead of black/red.

How fast is a Mercury 150 Pro XS?

Acceleration. Mercury says the 150 Pro XS offers quick heavy-load acceleration from zero to 20 mph.

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Is the Mercury 150 Pro XS a good motor?

It was a good engine that never gave us any issues. Aside from the fact it had a lot of vibration at low RPM, it was a reliable engine that gave us hours of great fishing.

Is Mercury Pro XS a good motor?

Based on the famous & proven design of Mercury Marine’s 115 HP FourStroke engine, the 115 HP Pro XS achieves notably better performance than any other outboard in the category. It has a 2.1L displacement, which is the most significant in its class.

How fast does a Mercury 150 outboard go?

Top speed was 61 MPH at 5925, but if you look at the chart it is 61.5 at 6200 RPM. That’s interesting because the operating range is up to 6000 RPM, most engines can go over slightly before hitting the limiter.

How fast does a 150 Mercury go?

(2,683 kg). With a 150-hp Mercury Four Stroke turning a 15.6×13 pitch Enertia prop, we reached our top speed of 35.1 mph at 6000 rpm.

How fast will a 150-hp outboard go?

fiberglass bass boat powered by a 150-hp outboard will have a WOT speed in the 50-mph range, and will have its most economical cruise in the mid-30s with two people aboard.

How fast is a 150 boat motor?

Just A Boat Ride/ Fast boat ride / Johnson 150hp top speed 62-MPH/Fast bass boat.

Is 150hp good for a boat?

150hp-175hp engines, 200hp+

For many boaters, we find that tying a 150hp-175hp engine to the proper pontoon set up makes for a solid boating experience, with triple pontoons being the key.

How many hours can you get out of a Yamaha 150 outboard?

Failure to Perform Regular Maintenance

Boater owners committed to regular maintenance will also often ask, “How many hours will a Yamaha outboard last?” While Yamaha makes a diverse line of outboard motors, most models will last 1,500 – 3,000 hours depending on how often it is maintained, stored, and used.

Is Yamaha 150 a good motor?

Despite a (easily remedied) counter-balance issue early on with pre-2005 models, through time the F150 has developed an awesome reputation for reliability and longevity. In fact, many people consider post-05 F150’s to be one of the most reliable four-stroke outboards ever produced.

How much fuel does a Yamaha 150 burn per hour?

The result represents the approximate gallons per hour the engine will burn at wide-open throttle. For example, a 150-horse engine will use about 15 gallons per hour.

What is considered high hours on Yamaha outboard?

Well-maintained inboard engines, inboard outboard engines (unless diesel), and outboards have a serviceable, average life of about 1500 – 2000 hours. If you are looking at a gas-fueled marine engine close to or exceeding 1000 hours, inboard or outboard, proceed with caution. It may be a deal, or it may be a money pit.

How much hp does a Yamaha 150 have?

Now, more boaters can enjoy Yamaha’s technologically advanced I-4 line than ever before.

Specs & Compare.

Engine TypeInline 4
Displacement2.7L (Mechanical) / 2.8L (DEC)
Bore x Stroke94 x 96.2 (3.70 x 3.79in) – 96 x 96.2mm (3.78 x 3.79in)
Prop Shaft Horsepower150hp @ 5500 rpm
Full Throttle RPM Range5000 ~ 6000 rpm

What is the lightest 150 hp outboard?

The Mercury 4 stroke 150hp outboard engine is the lightest in its class with the largest displacement, Higher displacement = less fuel & better bottom end power at less RPM.

Mercury Outboard 150 HP Fourstroke.

HP / kW150 / 110
Dry weight *Lightest model available455 lbs / 206 kg
Emissions Star Rating3
Bore and stroke4.0 x 3.6″ / 102 x 92 mm

What is the difference between Yamaha 150 and 200?

The F200-powered boat ran 48.8 mph, 3.5 mph faster than the F150 boat. The difference in the average time to plane was less than one second, 5.82 seconds for the F200 to 6.18 seconds for the F150. We could feel the difference in back-to-back runs, but the performance of the F150 was perfectly satisfactory.


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