How long is a Bayliner 285?

Bayliner 285 Cruiser is a 8.70 meters cabin cruise boat with a draft of 1.04 meters.

How much does a Bayliner 285 weight?

8,056 lbs

Is Bayliner a good brand?

Bayliner makes boats that are good for beginners. They have had many problems in the past, mostly related to the quality of the construction materials and process. More recent models have been manufactured to a higher standard. They are still at the low end of the market in terms of quality.

How fast is a Bayliner?

Top speed52 mph
Cruising speed37 mph
Miles per gallon at 37-mph cruising speed3.08
Estimated fuel cost for 100 miles$48.70
Range at 37-mph cruising speed97 miles

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Why did Bayliner stop making cruisers?

Bayliner was building over 50 models in five series of boats and its sales were hit hard. It was also building larger and larger boats up to almost 60 feet and not paying enough attention to the smaller boats in its lineup that had always been its winning formula. 2002 was the final year for Bayliner Motoryachts.

Is 80 mph fast for a boat?

While 80 mph isn’t “fast” by performance-boat standards, it’s fast enough given the superior versatility they offer over their catamaran and V-bottom counterparts.

How fast does a Bayliner 245 go?

Checked against a GPS, top speed was 33.4 knots at 5000rpm with four adults aboard. Between 3250 and 4250rpm, the MerCruiser V8 loped along effortlessly at cruising speeds between the high teens and late twenties.

Can a boat go 200 mph?

At that speed, a boat covers 293 feet per second on a constantly changing surface. Running 200 mph on the water is a tall and very dangerous order, which is why so few people—despite more than a few unsubstantiated claims—have done it.

How can I make my Bayliner faster?

YouTube video

How fast does a Bayliner m15 go?

With the 50 horsepower, top speed is somewhere around 30-32 MPH.

Do Bayliner boats hold their value?

Their value depreciates significantly because of its wide availability. Buying a Bayliner used will cost much less than buying a new one. They are a common boat and, because of that, do not sell for higher prices.

Can a Bayliner 175 go in the ocean?

A ski/wakeboard locker is built into the cockpit deck. Most people will run the 175 in protected waters and on lakes — however, we tested the Bayliner 175 out on the open ocean.

Bayliner 175 Specifications.

Dry weight1,900 pounds
Fuel capacity18 gals.
Maximum power135 hp

Can you fish with a Bayliner?

Fishing is what most people think of when they think about buying a boat. Bayliner® sells boats specifically made for freshwater fishing as well as saltwater fishing.

Is it better to be higher or lower on a boat?

The lower the prop pitch, the better your hole-shot. However, this comes at a price: top speed. The lower pitch makes the engine reach maximum rpm at slower speeds. Conversely, a higher pitch will deliver greater top speeds, but slower acceleration.

Is it OK to wear shoes on a boat?

“Do I really need shoes on a boat?” Yes. The same non-skid surface that’ll prevent you from slipping on a wet deck will also wreak havoc on bare feet. Running around on a non-skid deck can remove the flesh from the bottom of your foot in a surprisingly short period of time.

What size boat can you comfortably live on?

You will want to choose a vessel that is closer to 30 feet for basic needs, but 50 feet for larger accommodations and more space. One thing many experts say is to never opt for a boat that is too large for a single person to handle: in case of an emergency, you want one person to be able to get the ship to safety.

Can you live permanently on a boat UK?

You can sometimes buy a boat with an all-year-round residential mooring. You can rent a residential mooring in a private marina or from the navigation authority. Some mooring operators won’t rent out a mooring to a boat owner who lives permanently on their boat.


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