How fast is a 30 lb thrust trolling motor?

It is true that the 30 lb, 40 lb, and 55 lb thrust trolling motors all top out at 5 miles per hour, but you will need the larger-sized motor when you have a larger boat. If you don’t, your boat will not be able to hit anywhere near the maximum speed.

What is the difference between Endura and Endura Max?

The Endura C2 is designed for people who casually go boating on inflatables and are tired of using paddles to get them around. Comparatively, the Endura Max is best suited for individuals who plan on going on long day trips out in the water and need their motor to last all day.

How much does a Minn Kota Endura 30 weight?

30 lb.

How fast does the Minn Kota Endura go?

The maximum speed of a trolling motor is 5 mph regardless of how many pounds of thrust. The 55# thrust MinnKota Endura with all the new electronic gadgetry is overkill. Save your money! Pick up a MinnKota 30# Endura at half the price of the larger thrust trolling motors.

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Is 30lb trolling motor enough?

Boat weight is the most important consideration to take into account when choosing a trolling motor. A beginning rule of thumb is that you want a minimum of 2 lbs of thrust for every 100lbs. For example, if you have a 3000lb boat, fully loaded, then the calculation is (3000/100) * 2 = 60lbs of thrust.

How long will a trolling motor last on a 12V battery?

For a battery that has a 100 amp-hour rating, powering a trolling motor that is drawing 20 amps, the battery will last 5 hours if constantly running (100 amp hour battery / 20 amps drawn = 5 hours of run time). A Minn Kota trolling motor will operate with any lead-acid, deep cycle marine 12-volt battery/batteries.

How fast can a trolling motor push a boat?

Having a maximum speed of only 5 mph may seem slow, but it is what makes trolling motors ideal for fishing. Many people use trolling motors as their primary means of propulsion. This is popular on Jon Boats, dinghys, and other small personal watercraft.

How fast is a 40 lb thrust trolling motor?

The motor is designed for trolling, so the top speed of this motor is about 4mph, but depends on your boat shape, weight, water, wind, and other factors.

How long does battery last with 55lb thrust trolling motor?

The runtime depends on the Amp-Hour rating of the battery. Theoretically, a 50AH battery on our 55lb thrust motor will run continuously on the highest speed for an hour.

How fast will a 55 lb thrust trolling motor go on a kayak?

A 55-pound thrust electric trolling motor, such as the Newport Vessels Kayak Series, will go approximately 4-5 miles per hour in smooth water.

Can a trolling motor be too big?

A trolling motor shaft can be too long. If the trolling motor shaft is too long, you risk the propeller hitting bottom or the inability to stow the motor properly. Too long of a shaft can not only damage the propeller but also the rest of the motor and the environment beneath the water as well.

How many hours will a trolling motor battery last?

Many factors determine how long a 24V trolling motor battery lasts—the sea conditions, the size of the boat, and even the tides. For a traditional craft with a 24-volt trolling motor battery (16-22 feet in length), the general runtime is about half a day.

Does more thrust mean more speed?

Thrust is simply a static measurement of pushing or pulling power, and higher thrust does not necessarily mean greater speed. Speed is a factor of prop pitch and motor R.P.M. Given motor R.P.M. under load, and Minn Kota’s 4″ prop pitch, the approximate speed that a motor will push/pull a small boat can be calculated.

How many HP is 55 lbs of thrust?

As an example, the mid-size 55lb thrust trolling motor has the equivalent power of about 0.84 hp.

How big of a trolling motor do I need?

General rule of thumb: you need at least 2 lbs. of thrust for every 100 lbs. of fully-loaded boat weight (people and gear included). If things like wind or current are major factors where you fish, you’ll want a little extra thrust.

How many HP is 30 lbs thrust?

Pounds of Thrust (lbs)Max AmpsWatts/Horsepower

How heavy is a 30hp outboard?

Midrange 30 hp

At just 214 pounds, it’s suitable for lightweight craft such as aluminum fishing boats and inflatables.


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