How do you service a stern drive?

Stern Drive Maintenance
  1. Make a Checklist.
  2. Check Fluid Levels.
  3. Fill the Fuel Tank.
  4. Bring the Engine Up to Temperature.
  5. Change the Engine and Stern Drive Lubricant.
  6. Lubricate All Greasable Points.
  7. Replace the Fuel Filter Elements.
  8. Inspect Hoses and Belts.

How do I identify my MerCruiser sterndrive?

Typically, on a Mercruiser sterndrive or inboard engine, the tag is on the block near the starter. But, sometimes, it’s down by the starter on the engine block, near the flywheel, or on the flame arrestor.

What is Bravo 3 outdrive?

Bravo 3: MerCruiser’s Bravo 3 outdrive feature counter-rotating dual propellers that improve propulsion efficiency, speed, acceleration and handling on a boat. The two props are mounted in front of one another and turn in opposite directions eliminating wasted energy from the propeller wash.

How do I remove a Bravo 1 drive?

Standing at the back of the drive looking forward it is on the right front 4″ from the drive top.It is a cable that fits into jaws that need to be opened allowing the cable to release. The drive should now come out.

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How much HP can a Bravo 1 drive handle?

Intended for single, twin, and triple applications for boats that go over 100 mph, gas engines up to 600hp and diesel engines up to 370hp.

Can you replace an alpha drive with a bravo?

There’s a fix for this, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. The big to-do is pulling the engine out, but the Bravo One drive and transom assembly will fit where the old Alpha drive was. In terms of size, the drives are similar, and the height of the propeller shaft is about the same.

How to remove Mercruiser outdrive?

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How do you remove a Yamaha outdrive?

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Does a Bravo 1 have an impeller?

No a Bravo does not have a impeller in the drive, and neither Alpha nor any other boat impeller “sucks”. The impeller moves water from one side to the other. This is a reason you cannot run a drive in a bucket or drum.

What is a bravo one drive?

Bravo One drives are designed to handle the power of big block engines with a longer torpedo shape and a deeper skeg for confident control at all speeds. Dual water pick-ups keep big engines running cool at higher speeds. These drives are intended for single- and multi-engine applications.

Is Alpha or Bravo better?

Bravo One drives were built to handle more power than an Alpha One. When used for lower horsepower applications, they are practically bulletproof. Second, the Bravo One shifts better because it uses a cone-style clutch in its upper housing.

What is the strongest sterndrive?

counter-rotating propeller sterndrive680B

The Konrad 680B has been engineered with the largest and strongest gears in the industry.

How much does it cost to rebuild an Alpha One outdrive?

A SEI replacement for a MerCruiser Alpha One Gen II (complete drive unit, upper and lower combined) costs $1,595.

How often should outdrive be serviced?

Annual Service

Most outboard, sterndrive and gasoline inboard engines require basic service every 100 hours or annually.

When should I replace my sterndrive bellows?

Inspect the bellows annually and replace it every two years.

How long does a boat outdrive last?

It’s also common to expect between 10-15 years out of a well-used sterndrive and transom assembly, and then it’s a matter of continual repairs or replacing it once and for all.

How long will a Mercruiser engine last?

The average marine gasoline engine runs for 1,500 hours before needing a major overhaul. The average marine diesel engine will run for more than three times that long and log an average 5,000 hours under the same conditions.

How many hours is a lot on a Mercruiser?

If you are looking at a marine gasoline-powered boat to purchase that has reached 1500 hours, this is considered a lot.

Are Mercruiser engines reliable?

The main reason boaters select Mercruiser is the engine’s reliability. Using an engine you can count on throughout your ownership is a big perk. Boaters also appreciate the Mercruiser’s fuel efficiency and performance.


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