Do you need a license to rent a scooter in Mallorca?

To hire a scooter, as with hiring any type of vehicle on Mallorca, you will need your driving licence and passport as proof of identification. It is important that you read the rental agreement before signing so that you do not fall foul of anything that is different from your own country.

How much is it to rent a moped in Majorca?

from28,00€ / day.

Are there electric scooters in Mallorca?

Whee is the first Electric Scooter Sharing Company of the Balearic Islands created in Mallorca and entirely privately owned.

Can you ride a scooter in Mallorca?

In Mallorca and in general for all of Spain, you can drive a scooter of up to 125cc with any of the following driving licences: With type B driving license for a car. It is very important to bear in mind that it must be issued since at least three years or more.

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Do you need a license to rent a scooter in Spain?

To rent a 50cc scooter in Spain, all you need is a full driving license (not a provisional) as well as a lot of experience driving this type of vehicle.

Do you need a drivers license to rent a scooter in Spain?

Do you need a license to drive a scooter? Yes, a driver’s license is also required to rent a 50 cc scooter.

Do you have to wear a helmet on a scooter in Spain?

The new Traffic Law which comes into force in Spain on 21 March makes it obligatory for anyone driving an electric scooter or any other personal mobility vehicle to wear a helmet.

Can you drive a moped in Spain with a UK driving licence?

Renting a Scooter or Moped in Spain

If you are not a Spanish resident and visiting Spain for your holidays, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a Class B driving licence before you can ride a 50cc moped here.

Do you need insurance for an electric scooter in Spain?

Electric Scooters Will Require Mandatory Insurance.

What are the rules for riding scooters in Spain?

Electric scooters are only permitted on the road, and on bike lanes. On streets shared by vehicles and people, you are permitted to ride, but adapting the speed to a maximum of 10 km/h and always giving priority to pedestrians.

Can you get around Mallorca without a car?

Public transport is a good way to get around Mallorca without a car. The island has a fairly extensive network that connects the capital with many towns and tourist areas, with two overground train lines, one metro line, and 8 bus lines.

What are the restrictions on all inclusive in Majorca?

The legislation bans happy hours, pub crawls and two-for-one drink offers, prohibits the sale of alcohol in shops between 9.30pm and 8am and forbids advertising party boats in designated areas.

What license do I need to drive in Mallorca?

To drive in Mallorca / Spain you need a valid driving licence from your country. You must be 18 years of age (but know that many rental companies may have other age requirements). It is also mandatory to always have the vehicle registration documents as well as a valid ID, such as your passport, with you.

Is UK driving licence valid in Majorca?

Once an exchange agreement is in force, you can drive in Spain on your UK licence for the first six months of living here, during which time you must exchange it for a Spanish licence. It is not possible to hold licences issued by the UK and Spain at the same time.

Can I drive in Mallorca with UK licence?

You can continue to use your licence until 30 April 2022. You may need to take a test if you want to exchange your licence. If you hold a licence from Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, you may need to take a test to drive in Spain.

Can I drive in Spain with UK licence as tourist?

Can you drive in Spain with a UK licence? Yes, you can legally drive in Spain with your UK-issued driving licence without the need to apply for an International Driving Permit.

What documents do I need to drive in Spain after Brexit?

Requirements for driving in Spain
  • Valid UK photocard driving licence.
  • Valid Proof of ID or National ID Card for EU citizens.
  • V5 certificate.
  • Car insurance certificate.
  • A GB sticker.

Do I need a UK sticker to drive in Spain?

If you’re in Spain, Cyprus or Malta, you must display a UK sticker no matter what is on your number plate. You do not need a UK sticker or identifier to drive in Ireland.


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