Can you visit Svalbard in winter?

Winter: October – February

The Polar Night – the period of 24 hours of darkness – has set in by November and Svalbard will remain cloaked in low light until mid-February. While the cold and darkness limits activity, it’s a great time to simply stay cosy indoors, looking out for the Northern Lights.

How many snowmobiles are there in Svalbard?

Number of registered snowmobiles at Svalbard

Data ranges from 235 to 2881. End of interactive chart.

Do I need a gun in Svalbard?

Due to the polar bear threat on Svalbard, anyone travelling outside the settlements must be equipped with suitable means of scaring off polar bears. The office of the Governor of Svalbard also recommends carrying firearms with you. The processing time for all types of firearms applications is up to 6 weeks.

What is the crime rate in Svalbard?

Between 130 and 150 criminal cases are reported in Svalbard every year. The majority involve petty theft or criminal damage, but some involve serious accidents, environmental issues and workplace accidents.

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What is the biggest industry in Svalbard?

Since the resettlement of Svalbard in the early 20th century, coal mining has been the dominant commercial activity.

How many ice bears are there in Svalbard?

The polar bear population in the Svalbard archipelago and Barents Sea area is estimated to be around 3,000, which exceeds the region’s human population of 3,500.

How many reindeer are there in Svalbard?

There are now estimated to be about 10,000 Svalbard reindeer living on the islands.

Are there more snowmobiles than people in Svalbard?

There are more snowmobiles in Svalbard than people. Snowmobiles cost less there than on the mainland due to lower taxes. The price of petrol is low and most people have a good income. Many put priority on buying a snowmobile when they come to Svalbard to live for some years.

Why can’t you give birth on Svalbard?

But in the 90-s a law prohibiting giving birth in Svalbard appeared. This law prescribed the need for a woman in labor to fly to the mainland in advance. This innovation was primarily due to the fact that the Norwegian Healthcare System takes maximum responsibility for women in labor and infants.

Are there Muslims in Svalbard?

There are a handful of Muslims in Svalbard, an area where just now the sun never sets.

Why are there no cats on Svalbard?

Absolutely a no-no! Cats are banned, in the whole archipelago actually. It is for the reason that they might harm the wildlife, specifically the bird’s population. But for those who have already been here, and were able to see Kesha, the most famous Svalbard cat, you might wonder how he’s still here.

Can you give birth in Svalbard?

You cannot give birth on Svalbard.

When a pregnant women has a few weeks remaining before her due date, she must travel to the mainland to give birth.

Does Svalbard have crime?

The crime section of the local newspaper Svalbardposten — like almost everything else here, the northernmost in the world — is pretty thin. “A few brawls after the bars close” is about as much as editor Borre Haugli can hope for. And yet Svalbard’s residents are armed to the teeth.

Can you just move to Svalbard?

Moving to Svalbard

Everyone who wants to move to Svalbard must have accommodation and studies or work arranged before they move there. People planning to live on Svalbard must register in the archipelago’s Population Register within 8 days of arrival.

How do I get to Svalbard from UK?

To get to Svalbard from the UK you need to fly to Oslo in Norway and take a connecting flight to Svalbard. It is possible to fly directly to Oslo from London with SAS, Norwegian and BA , Manchester with SAS and Edinburgh with Norwegian. Sometimes due to flight scheduling you will need to do an overnight stop in Oslo.

Is it cheap to live in Svalbard?

Svalbard is the most expensive place we have visited. With a high cost of living and the fact that almost everything you see here was imported, you will absorb some of that expense in your trip costs. It is also very difficult to travel independently in Svalbard.

Do they speak English in Svalbard?

The official language is Norwegian. However, nearly everyone speaks English.

Can you drink in Svalbard?

For short stays in Svalbard, private individuals have a right to bring alcoholic beverages for reasonable consumption upon entry. Sales and the import and export of alcohol are regulated by the “Regulation on the alcohol arrangement for Svalbard” (Forskrift om alkoholordningen for Svalbard).


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