Are Bayliner boats junk?

Bayliner makes boats that are good for beginners. They have had many problems in the past, mostly related to the quality of the construction materials and process. More recent models have been manufactured to a higher standard. They are still at the low end of the market in terms of quality.

Do Bayliner boats hold their value?

Their value depreciates significantly because of its wide availability. Buying a Bayliner used will cost much less than buying a new one. They are a common boat and, because of that, do not sell for higher prices.

Does Bayliner still make cabin cruisers?

Bayliner Boats will stop building and selling cruisers in the United States as part of an effort to keep pace with fluctuating global trends and consumer demand, according to Brunswick.

How much does a 24 foot Bayliner weight?

Power up
Length overall24′
Deadrise16 degrees
Weight (w/base engine)5,304 pounds
Fuel capacity65 gallons

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How fast does a Bayliner 245 go?

Checked against a GPS, top speed was 33.4 knots at 5000rpm with four adults aboard. Between 3250 and 4250rpm, the MerCruiser V8 loped along effortlessly at cruising speeds between the high teens and late twenties.

How much is a Bayliner dx2250?

Base price$37,699 (USD)
Monthly payments$249/month
Boat type / Category
Boat typeDeck boat

How much does the average 24 foot boat weigh?

For example, we would expect a 24-foot boat to weigh between 2,400 and 2,880 pounds, depending on amenities. There are additional factors that come into play when towing.

How heavy is a 24 foot boat?

For example, a 24-foot-long deck boat may weigh 4,150 pounds, but when paired with the trailer its weight will probably exceed 5,500 pounds.

How much do bayliners weigh?

Base price$18,599 (USD)
Height on trailerN/A
Draft0.91 m (3′)
Dry weight872 kg (1,922 lbs)

How much does a Bayliner 195 weight?

3,020 lbs

Can a boat go 200 mph?

At that speed, a boat covers 293 feet per second on a constantly changing surface. Running 200 mph on the water is a tall and very dangerous order, which is why so few people—despite more than a few unsubstantiated claims—have done it.

How much fuel does a Bayliner use?

At 13 to 14 knots we burn 15 to 17 GPH. It takes roughly 320 HP to maintain that speed in our boat. You may chose to run faster than we do – most do – and, if you do, your burn rate will be higher. At displacement speeds, you basically just pay for moving the displacement of the boat.

Can a Bayliner 175 go in the ocean?

A ski/wakeboard locker is built into the cockpit deck. Most people will run the 175 in protected waters and on lakes — however, we tested the Bayliner 175 out on the open ocean.

Bayliner 175 Specifications.

Dry weight1,900 pounds
Fuel capacity18 gals.
Maximum power135 hp

Are Bayliner boats good for saltwater?

Bayliner® sells boats specifically made for freshwater fishing as well as saltwater fishing. The exact features can vary, but fishing boats often include spacious cabins, fishing seats and fish finders that help you locate the fish in your area.

What size boat do you need to go into the ocean?

What size boat do you need for ocean crossing? If you are planning on traversing the oceans and seas where the waves and waters can get fairly rough, you should consider looking at boats 30ft and up. A boat this size will better handle the choppy and unpredictable water and currents, as well as longer trips offshore.

What is the fastest Bayliner?

On the lake that day, we hit a top speed of 51 mph (at 4,500 rpm) — which is very close to Bayliner’s stated top speed of 52 mph. Cruising speed is approximately 37 mph (at 3,500 rpm).

Bayliner 205 Specifications.

Draft (max3’1″
Dry weight (w/base engine)3,100 pounds
Fuel capacity35 gallons

How can I make my Bayliner faster?

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