Are Axopar boats any good?

Axopar Boats recieves the 2021 Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Awards for excellence in customer satisfaction.

Can you beach an Axopar?

In a shallow draft Axopar 28 you can gently beach your boat and hop out to spend some time in the nature. The rugged, unspoilt nature of the area is incredibly appealing for locals and far-off visitors alike.

How fast is an Axopar?

The Axopar cruises effortlessly at 30 knots, eating up the head seas with no sign of spray over the deck. The handling is agile and precise, especially in tight turns, and there is no discernible hump when transitioning from displacement to planing speeds.

Where are Axopar boats built?

Axopar also developed a platform concept for designing and building its boats. The company has two locations: one in Vaasa, Finland, for creative and marketing offices, and the other in Helsinki, housing operations. Contract manufacturers at two factories in Poland build the 700 boats that Axopar produces each year.

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Are Axopar boats seaworthy?

Axopar 24 is easy to drive with a hull that is both easily driven and handles beautifully. Both the driver and the entire family will have a safe ride.” What they loved about the Axopar 24 Open & Hard Top: Easy to drive, Modern design, Concept innovator. “Stylish, sporty and seaworthy despite its smaller size.

Are Axopar boats unsinkable?

What they loved about the Axopar 24: Driveability, use of space, unsinkable.

Who owns Axopar Boats?

Having masterminded the growth and phenomenal worldwide success of Axopar since day one, self-confessed perfectionist and undisputed workaholic, Jan-Erik Viitala, is Axopar’s founding partner and Creative & Innovation Director.

Who is the best boat builder in the world?

Best boat brands: Your essential introduction to the boatbuilders of the world
  • The American Tug 485 is the flagship of the range.
  • The Fleming 53.
  • Hatteras GT70.
  • The Nordhavn N120 is the flagship of the range.
  • Alfastreet 32 Cabin.
  • The 77m full-custom superyacht Boardwalk was launched by Feadship in 2021.
  • Parker 630.

Where are Axopar 37 made?

Today, Axopar has 100 dealers in 50 countries. They can produce six boats in five days at their factory in Poland, and their models—like the new 37 XC Cross Cabin—are found all over the U.S., including Miami.

Is Brabus and Axopar the same?


Axopar Boats and BRABUS Marine share the same level of commitment, the same passion and the same dedication required to create game-changing products for discerning clientele all over the world.

What does an Axopar boat cost?

The Axopar 22 is a multipurpose vessel with stylish looks.

Pricing and Specs.

Price:$68,464 (base)
Fuel Capacity:60 gal.
Max Horsepower:200
Available Power:Single Mercury outboard to 200 hp.

Is Brabus higher than AMG?

You might be thinking about which among the two is more powerful. Well, the answer is simple. Brabus offers some of the most powerful Mercedes vehicles. In fact, a Brabus tuning can add up to 200 bhp on an AMG version Mercedes.

What is so special about Brabus?

Every BRABUS supercar is distinguished by record-breaking top speeds, phenomenal performance and the ultimate luxurious driving sensation. The unmistakable looks and an exceptional aerodynamic-enhancement concept perfect the uniqueness of every BRABUS supercar.

Is Brabus a Bentley?

Brabus specialises in Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Smart vehicles, although in 2022 it also tuned two Porsches and even a Rolls-Royce. Brabus is the largest Mercedes-Benz tuner after Mercedes-AMG, a subsidiary of the Mercedes-Benz Group since the 1990s.

Are Brabus bulletproof?

The Invicto series is not only bulletproof, but is also rated to withstand a 33-pound blast of TNT, according to Brabus.

What does Brabus cost?

The price of this sand-eating behemoth is also quite impressive. Buyers will have to dish out no less than €749,000, which is roughly the equivalent of 1 million Canadian dollars.

How much is a Brabus UK?

The Smart #1 Brabus has an estimated On The Road Price (OTR) of £42,000.


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